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Best Presentation to impress Audience (No More Boring Presentations)

How can a good presentation be made more effective?

This article will provide assistance to take your presentations from just good to great. There are concepts to improve you whether you are just a beginner or a professional presenter.

  1. Connect with the Audience and Show your Passion

It’s hard to be yourself and be calm when you’re nervous. However; frequently the good presenter tells that the main thing is to get attached to the audience. The best manner to do this is to sparkle over the passion for topic. Be blunt with listeners about what it means to you and why it is important. Be honest and passionate, and viewers will react.

2. Focus on the Needs of the Audience

Built your presentation according to what the viewer is expecting to acquire from the presentation. As you are preparing the presentation, always take into account what are the needs of the audience. Keep in mind what the audience wishes to know not what you want to tell. While presenting, you must keep on focusing the response of the audience and respond to that. You must make an easy presentation for the audience to get the idea and react.

3. Make it Simple: Focus on your Core Message

When preparing your presentation, you have to bear in mind the question: What is the main message for my listeners to carry off? You must be capable of communicating that main message very concisely. Some professionals mention a 30-second ‘elevator summary’. Others state that you can compose it on the back-side of a business card, or say it in not more than 15 words. Either rule you decide on, the essential thing is to keep it brief and focus on your core message. If it is not contributing to your core message what you have planned to say, then don’t do it.

  1. Do an Eye Contact with your Audience and Smile

This sounds easy to do, but then shockingly a lot of presenters cannot do it. You are building understanding, by smiling and making eye contact with the audience. It assists the viewers to attach with your topic. It helps you to be less tense because you speak to individuals, not to a great mass of strange people. To aid you in this, take care that you do not turn off all the lights making only the slide screen visible. Your audience wants to look at you along with your slides.

  1. Start Strongly

The start of your presentation is decisive. You must take hold of the attention of your audience. The audience will offer a few minutes’ grace to you in which you have to amuse them. Otherwise, they start to disconnect if you’re boring. So shouldn’t consume that time on clarifying who you are. Start by engaging them. Try to tell a story or an eye-catching but valuable figure on a slide.

  1. Remember the 10-20-30 Rule of Presentation

‘Kawasaki’ the person from Apple gave this tip of 10, 20, 30 presentations rule. He recommends that slideshows should be: Having less than 10 slides; proceed for less than 20 minutes; and use a font-size of more than 30. This last rule is predominantly significant to stop you from trying to place a lot of information on a slide. This entire methodology avoids the feared ‘Death in PowerPoint’. As a general rule, slides have to be the sideshow to the presenter. A worth set of slides would be useless if the presenter is absent. They must certainly have less information which is expressed simply. If you want to deliver more information, make a personalized handout and provide it after the presentation.

  1. Tell Stories

Humans automatically respond to tales/stories. Stories are helpful in remembering things and paying attention to minute details. Your audience will get more engaged if you tell stories in your presentation and would subsequently remember them. It’s always a good idea to start a presentation with a story but your presentation needs to act similar to a story. Create your presentation by keeping in mind what story you are going to tell your listeners.

  1. Use your Voice Efficiently

The spoken words are a very incompetent way of communication since it utilizes one of the five senses of the audience. This is the reason why presenters are inclined towards visual aids. You can make your spoken words enhanced by efficiently using the voice. Highlighting the fluctuations in tone and pitch, variability in speed upon which you speak all these things grasps the attention of your audience.    

  1. Use your Body Too

It could be said that above three quarters of communication is non-verbal. This specifies that body language of presenter is essential besides your voice tone in delivering your topic. Somebody languages should be avoided as they may not be delivering right message which includes hands in pocket, arms crossed and stage pacing. Open and confident gestures should be made and naturally move around the stage. 

  1. Relax, Breathe and Enjoy

It could be hard to stay relaxed and calm if you feel difficulty while presenting. One alternative could be to concentrate on breathing. Take care to breathe fully and slowly. During your presentation, ensure to take a pause for breathing. You can undoubtedly present well if you are relaxed. Your audience engages and responds well if you are enjoying yourself. Your presentations, as well as your confidence, will be enhanced. It’s worth trying.  


I am a presentation design artist and had pleasure to work with DHL, PPH, Freelancer and Upwork for almost a decade.

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