Presentation Rules

Business Plan Presentation Rules and Template – How to Make a Business Plan Presentation?

Nearly all Entrepreneurs feel it complicated and stressful to make a business proposal presentation as it is made for the…

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Scientific, Academic and Research Presentation Making Principles – 8 Rules for Making Research PPT

Have you ever attended an academic presentation as an audience? If you have, you may have noticed that if not…

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Best Font Size Chart for Presentation Slide: Font Size Selection for a Presentation in a Large Hall

When choosing a font size, you should consider the size of the screen that you will make your presentation in…

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Discover Ideal Font Size for a Presentation Slide: What should be the minimum Font Size of Text on Presentation Slides

The question on the minds of most people is finding out the best minimal font size that they can use…

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9 Rules of Presentation Making: 10/20/30 Rule, 5×5 Rule, 6×6 Rule, 7×7 Rule

As a professional person, investor or businessmen; you have to make seamless presentations that will help you in presenting reports,…

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Content Selection Rules for Creating Presentations: Presentation Making Rules

The selection of the content to put in a presentation deck is of most importance. There is various presentation making…

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8 Rules of a Successful Presentation Slide Design and Presentation Format

In general, we all somehow have seen dull and unpromising presentations, with overloaded text, loud colors, and messy graphics. There…

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