Presentation Types

Prezi Presentation: Tips, and Advantages of Using Prezi over Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides

PowerPoint and Keynote, both have been chosen universally by the presenters as their presentation software, however other options also exist,…

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Good VS BAD Presentations: Discover if Your Presentation is Good or Bad – Presentation Design Tips

When it moves toward a PowerPoint or keynote presentation there isn’t a considerable central ground. For a presentation to be…

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Keynote VS Powerpoint: Choosing between Keynote and PowerPoint – Comparison, Advantages, Disadvantages and Tips

It is time to make your presentation now. You need to have the right presentation creating software that will help…

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What is a Presentation? – Presentation Slides Design Tips and Rules

The knowledge of formal presentation is split into two major groups: Presentation expertise Special individual presentation These two components are…

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International Conference Powerpoint Presentation – International Conference PPT Template – PPT Deck

The selection of research papers in an international conference is one of the greatest honors that all researchers, writers and…

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Research Paper Presentation making with Powerpoint – Research PPT Template

The presentation of research is always difficult as compared to spending months and years to collect data. We have to…

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