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End Presentation Professionally: Modern and Professional Way of Finishing a Presentation

The Most Powerful Way to End a Presentation

There are a lot of tips to deliver a great presentation, although it is essential to grab the attention of your audience at the start with the right content, what you would do in the end could make a difference in the whole presentation impact and success of your presentation. 

Eliminating the “questions?” slide

To start, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. You must not conclude a presentation by a slide which requests “Questions?” Everybody does this and there is not anything extraordinary about this tactic. Preferably, questions should be addressed all the way through the presentation. Therefore, the asked question and the given answers are related to the presented content. If you have decided on taking questions at the finishing of the presentation, instead end with a solid image that links to the format of the content of your presentation

Endings should be effective

To be really effective, request questions and then end with a closing statement which is as influential as the starting of your presentation.

Here are three practices for making an unforgettable ending which includes:

  1. Finish with a quotation Slide

Use a quote slide at the end of the presentation that would stay with members of your audience long after they leave the hall. I have seen a great presentation on how you can influence staff. The leader had delivered a list of tips and methods which worked out for her; however, I most intensely reminisce how she finished the presentation. She enumerated each one of her methodologies using this simple quotation on black background in white letters inscribed on the display behind her: “The simple act of giving positive devotion to people takes a great deal to do with efficiency.”–Tom Peters

Her whole presentation was about positive strengthening and though I cannot remember all of the tips she gave, I always would recall the quote.

Therefore, find a quote related to the theme of your presentation, put it in the last slide of the presentation and present it beautifully to finish your presentation in a professional manner followed by a question-answer session.

  1. Finish with a plea to act

Most presentations related to business have a primary purpose to transfer the audience members to action. The last few moments of the presentation should be used to highlight the plea to action you are seeking. Instances of solid calls to action comprise: “Join the Battle” “Instigate the Journey” “Develop the Process” “Donate Today”

Think that the presentation you gave has provided the information which the members of the audience needed to route them in the right direction and create your call to action decisive and instructional.

  1. Finish with an exciting story

Concluding your presentation with a story – specifically if this story is your own. Or if it shows how the presented content touches others, it is the best tactic to end a presentation. Many times I have seen that the companies have a default case study. Even though a case study is great, deliberate, how you could transform it into a significant story. How does the work being suggested affect other people’s lives?

Producing compassion in your audience and tying the story back to the points done in the whole presentation makes sure that your presentation would hit the mark. One of the great causes I have ever seen of this thing in action is Scott Harrison’s presentation of charity: water. He begins his talk with a story that is personal and then he attracts you in and finishes it using a very emotional story related to Rachel Beckwith which you couldn’t forget very soon.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to include something out of the box in your final presentation slide and think about presenting it in a manner to rejuvenate your audience for a long-lasting effect.


I am a presentation design artist and had pleasure to work with DHL, PPH, Freelancer and Upwork for almost a decade.

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