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Good VS BAD Presentations: Discover if Your Presentation is Good or Bad – Presentation Design Tips

Examples of Good and Bad Presentations

When it moves toward a PowerPoint or keynote presentation there isn’t a considerable central ground. For a presentation to be effective and unforgettable, it has to be good. In this article we will address the following questions:

  • How do bad presentations and good presentations appear?
  • How would you be able to persuade your audience with your upcoming presentation? 

How does Good Presentation appear?

The speaker makes presentation speech comfortably through slides deck, bonds with the audience and encounters his or her main goal. The aim of the presentation may possibly be to train, motivate, pique attention, ask information, or trigger a conversation. An effective presentation retains attendees involved and interested in the content of the seminar. The topic is covered in a detailed manner and does not overpower the audience in an attempt to achieve too much.

The goals of the presenters are suitably associated with the desires of the audience. The presenter considers the professional level, educational background and personal experiences the outcome of which is in an attention-grabbing and attractive format. The slides should be covering the correct image of the content and an amount of text for the audience must be visually attractive

How does Bad Presentation appear?

The presenter might blunder the concepts if it is perhaps lagging or disorganized in some capacities. The bad presentation looks a bit unplanned and targets to achieve a lot of things simultaneously. The objective of the presentation may possibly be vague or too aspiring. The speaker might be going overboard and have too much information for the audience to hold. Additionally, the expectations of members of the audience possibly are uneven.

As the speaker has not thought about what kind of audience he or she will be addressing. The presentation may possibly be focusing much on the topic details directly instead of beating the bushes around; when the audience needs to see more on how this solution affects their life directly.

A lot of bullet points and pictures are crammed into each slide of a bad presentation. It makes it tough for the audience to link them to the topic. Bad presentations could cost the speaker a sale or make doubt in the mind of the consumer about the proposed plan. Good presentations transform into more trades or chances to keep an eye on a lead. Bad presentations and good presentations could be telling the difference between appealing a contract and mishandling a chance.

If the speaker wishes to create a good impression, then they should be focusing on the topic and generating the content on a layout that is most logical to the audience. PowerPoint or Keynote presentations that are engaging, have to the point oriented content and cover the subject in a naïve way will create the expected impact on your audience.


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