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Making PPT for an International Conference

The selection of research papers in an international conference is one of the greatest honors that all researchers, writers and guest speakers dream of. However, it has never been as easy as most of the writers think of it. This is because most of the scholars and students do not have time to prepare PPT slides.

If you are facing a similar situation, you can take help from this article. This article is equally useful for experienced scholars as well as for those who are preparing for their first international conference.

How to Make PPT for International Conference?

A step by step guidance is provided in this article for the preparation of PPT for international conference. It will also tell you about what to include and what not to include in your PPT for presentation at an international conference.

Importance of PPT for International Conference

Before delving deep into the steps involved in the PPT presentation, let us explain what PPT slides are. It has always been the requirement of an international conference that the scholars explain their research paper before the audience and the experts attending it.

Making PPT is considered the best way to explain that research. These PPT slides explain the purpose of the study, research conducted on it along with the process involved, literature survey, data collection and processing along with the sources of that data, and references used throughout the research.

Things to do Before Making PPT

  • Always write your research papers preferably in the format recommended by organizers’ papers.
  • Collect all the figures and tables before making PPT.
  • If you are going to use copyrighted content in your research paper, get permission or NOC for that content.
  • Check all the facts, figures, and tables along with their labels again and again.

Various Steps for Making PPT for International Conference

Usually, there are six steps for the preparation of PPT for international conferences.

#1 Always Choose a Good Theme

The theme is the first appearance of your PPT and should always be with a white background. Always avoid using a fancy background because it is not liked by experts and analysts. Microsoft PowerPoint also comes with preinstalled themes. However, you can install new themes from the internet.

#2 Arrange Presentation Slides in Sequence

The arrangement of presentation slides in a sequence is an important step in the presentation at the international level. Your slides should be arranged in the following ways.

  • Always keep the introduction slide at the top. It should have an introduction to the subject along with the details of the author.
  • After the introduction of the subject, place the slide with the introduction and purpose of the study at the second number.
  • Then comes the slide with a literature survey or history of the subject.
  • The next 2-4 slides must be about the proposed model and procedure of the study.
  • Slides with the study result should be placed next. These should also tell about your contribution to the research study.
  • The conclusion slide must come after the study result slide.
  • The drawbacks of the research and future study of it must be mentioned on the next slide.
  • Acknowledgment and references slide should be the next slide.
  • In the end, place the “Thank You” slide.

Almost all the scholars and organizations follow this sequence to present their research before the experts.

#3 Prefer to Present Data in Visualization Form

To make it easier for the audience and experts, prefer data presentation in visualization form. It is possible only if you have a clear understanding of the data presented in the tables. You can use different kinds of charts for data presentation. Bar charts, column charts, pie charts, Bubble, radar, and Doughnut are among some useful data visualization techniques.

#4 Formatting the Report and Quoting Sources

Formatting your report is as important as other steps of the presentation. Always choose images, tables, and reports from credible sources. It means that these should be taken from other journals or reports of the other companies. While quoting the report published in the newspaper check the originality of the content. This is because newspapers often publish information without investigating the authenticity of the news.

#5 Focus on Using Simple Words and Maintaining Visibility

Always use the simple form of words to make it understandable for the audience. Try to keep the lines at the proper distance to increase the visibility of the slides. Never copy all the information from any paper. Instead, change it into your own words and format it according to your reports’ requirements.

#6 Conclude the Report with Thank You Message

In the end, conclude your report by giving references to the sources from which you took the material. It is good to conclude it with the “Thank You” message. Always clear the doubts of the listeners and chairperson by answering to their questions.

Therefore, it is always good to prepare for the Question-Answer session after your presentation at the international stage.

Things to Avoid While Making Slides

  • Do not make long slides because the audience gets bored.
  • Use images, references, facts, figures, and quotes from authentic resources.


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