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5 Techniques to Craft an Impactful PowerPoint Slide

Presentations are everywhere in the business world and they are important to drive success to a business. Presentations cast a business’s impression on its audience. From taking first-step to find investors for your entrepreneurship to launching your first product and from taking a new initiative to managing internal business tasks, presentations stand as the first line of defense. Your presentation skills can either win or lose a milestone.

The following five techniques will help you improve your PowerPoint skills.

  1. Invest in The Presenter

Most people focus only on presentation content and forget the most important element of any presentation ‘the presenter”. A presenter is the one who know all about the presented topic thus, he/she must be confident to deliver “what he/she know?’’. A trembling voice will ruin even well-crafted slides. A low-confident presenter will make the audience read the slides by on their own and if they have to do a reading then Email them.

A good presenter makes the audience focus him not the slides. His grasp on the topic speaks from his confidant. An excellent presenter knows what to elaborate and what let on audience perception? Thus, keeping slides minimal, staying confident, and presenting cleverly is of utmost importance.

  1. Function of Slides

People misunderstood the slides’ purpose as most of them think that putting all on slides will help them in case of any ‘skip the mind’ scenario. They stuff the slides with content and keep points in mind and what happens next, a reading rehearsal.

The correct purpose of slides is a visual elaboration of any drawings, charts, graphics, or supporting content. If you are taking slides more than it then you are spoiling your presentation habits. Slides meant to reinforce your words. You need to have full command of content and mention points on slides to be called a good presenter.

  1. Slides: The Emotional Side

The content that needs to be mentioned on slides can be best utilized in the form of graphics. Schematic diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. work better than the bullet points. Visuals always cast a better impression as they stay in mind for long, they best explain the point, and they are aesthetically appealing too. So, try replacing bullet points with graphics to get all the above benefits from your presentation.

The number of slides and the time you need for each slide is also important and depends totally on you. The time required for a bullet point slide, a slide with graphics and bullets both, and a slide with graphics only does not differ largely. However, the impact of graphical slides always greater than the bullet point slides.

  1. An Overview of What Slides Should Look Like

The minimalism of slides is becoming repetitive in the content so, let’s have an overview of all points that one must take care of while designing slides.

  • The point you are elaborating must be very concisely written on your slide (one word or two).
  • Use graphics.
  • The graphs, data, tables must be simplified and easy to understand. Their size should not be too small to have a detailed look. The copy-paste of Excel graphs is not recommended.
  • Infographics are simple, move impactful, and engaging way to showcase data information.

A few words about the template:

  • Streamlined templates are good to use. It is also good to replace the standard office template with your choice.
  • The solid color background stands out in presentations. Color coding can also be used for example different background colors for different content but overuse will disrupt the audience’s focus on content.
  • The graphics should be of full slide size so that they can be easily understandable. The full-sized graphics do not let the background color an issue.
  • The specific company information like logo, contact information, etc. should be removed from the template. Your introduction and company’s information is enough on the first and last page.
  1. Make it Engaging

Presentation if not keeping the audience attached it is a failure no matter how much time you spent on it? The stats lead to boredom after a certain time so, come up with something that keeps people with you throughout the process.

The best way is to arrange your content in a story. Stories’ binding power does not let anyone refrain. If you finding it difficult to link all content in a single-story then you can try different stories at different sections of your content.

It is not necessary for the story to be very entertaining as the main purpose of it is to let people focus and easily link concepts. Keep it simple, interesting, and performing. The real-world connections of the story make it trustworthy and relatable. Another way of breaking the boredom of the audience is by using humor.

Using humor or storytelling both requires clever dealing as if they can make you win they can also spoil the situation.


I am a presentation design artist and had pleasure to work with DHL, PPH, Freelancer and Upwork for almost a decade.

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