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Presentation Design: 8 Methods to Create a Presentation Awesome

How do i make my Presentation Awesome?

I don’t know anyone who claims not to attend boring presentations with text overflowing, dazzling colored, and messy visuals. The following 8 rules are summing up the strategies to make an informative, aesthetically good, memorable and engaging presentation that the audience never regrets to attend. Let’s have a look at the elaboration of great presentation making strategies!

#1 Revive Your Text Strategy

The aesthetics are very important to homo-sapiens. So, aesthetically appealing slides are crucial to engage the audience and to convey your message effectively. Keep the slides neat by putting only the main points on them. The slides full of the text neither appeal visually nor provide a base of a successful presentation.

Presentation not only meant to convey your message but also a chance for you to present your personality and skills. If the audience will spend reading the text stuffed slides, they will forget listening to you. So, your slides mustn’t steal your time. mentioning the highlights of your idea in 6 lines is the optimum level of text per slide.

#2 Consider the Font Size

The font size for the text on slides is 32 as it must be of readable size. The audience at the last benches cannot have the same view as the audience at the first benches.

#3 The Color Scheme

The color contrast and templates are as important as the content as both these elements make up the aesthetics of the slides. The good color scheme is the one that supports reading rather than discouraging it. The brightness and minimalism affect the memories positively.

#4 Optimize the Number of Slides

The crucial and limiting agent of a presentation is time. The number of slides is pure on choice. But having too many slides means less time spent per slide presentation that is not good. Running slides behind you can make the situation odd. So, optimize the number of slides to 10.

#5 Bullet’s Structure

Bullets are used to give a highlight of the main idea not to describe the whole idea under a bullet. The highlights of the idea can be verbally elaborated. The elaboration can be made part of the handover material and Word documents.

#6 A Tip to Get Better Engagement of Audience

Craft a story by keeping your content and audience in mind. The Stories better engage them than the bear facts. The other important factor is your knowledge and passion about the topic. Your passion should be depictable by your voice tone and actions. It makes people attentive and ready to listen to you. The emotional touch of the story is important and helpful. The spice added by the story will boost attention.

#7 Use of Official Content

The Identity of a brand can be better communicated by using the logo as a watermark, keeping the template and aesthetics of presentation similar to the brand website make the presentation sound move professionally. These steps will make people identify your brand in the future. Your performance and the brand identity will be linked so keep it awesome.

#8 Keep the Timeframe in Mind

The timeframe of any presentation depends largely on the content length. No length can be defined as an ideal presentation timeframe however, it is good to sum-up within 20 minutes. It is the optimum time for which the audience can actively focus and listen to you. Whatever the time length is decided for each speaker you must not exceed it as people feel bored and think unprofessional of you.

It is better to keep small sections to get the suggestion of the audience in-between your presentation. There are a lot of options need to be taken care of while designing a successful presentation. Study the possible hurdles you can have and know how to combat them.  Make a list of issues you faced in a presentation at the end of each performance and practice to avoid them next time.

With the above-stated tips, you may also be interested in learning about presentation making rules and tips to design an impressive presentation to leave an everlasting impression over your audience.


I am a presentation design artist and had pleasure to work with DHL, PPH, Freelancer and Upwork for almost a decade.

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