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Prezi Presentation: Tips, and Advantages of Using Prezi over Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides

Common Presentation Skills for all Presenters

PowerPoint and Keynote, both have been chosen universally by the presenters as their presentation software, however other options also exist, which depends on what you are required to convey and how you put it all together. Such as, Google Drive slides are best if you are going to work together with others on your content. Due to the reason, that all modifications are restructured and put away on the cloud so you can have access to the newest version.

So following are the three famous Powerpoint alternates available in the market these days:

  • Keynote
  • Google Drive Slides
  • Prezi

iCloud Keynote is definitely considered by the Apple users, which is good for working together however it has an instinctive user interface having a very refined appearance. Then, if you need to do something new, Prezi is worth trying. It lets you zoom in or out of the content exclusively using motion; all of it is linked visually in a path that depicts how concepts are associated. The software which has an online platform incorporates YouTube videos making them simple, a great perk for a person using video taken from Google’s platform. Irrespective of the software being used, Prezi’s blogs offer wealthy tips on how to give a presentation that your audience will listen to and recall.

10 Tips for using Prezi for Presentation

Here are 10 tips for giving a killer presentation from Prezi, which has collected over 50 million users in six years of the company being around.  

  • Explore your audience.

If you want your audience to get influenced you must know what persuades them and what they really care about. Prezi has this cool feature of graphical motions that engage the audience’s interest and keeps them connected with the presenter.

  1. Take in uncooperative views.

Find the ways in which your audience possibly will challenge your thoughts and recognize them in your speech. Terminating uncooperative ideas will make them stay longer.

  1. Start with a good story.

TED Talks presenters mostly make use of this approach every time. Everyone present in the room should be relating to your opening story. Therefore, organize your content in a manner that conveys a logical story.

  1. Repeat your key message three times.

Professional speakers say it like, “let them know what you want to convey. Tell them. What you communicated to them earlier tell them again.” Get your audience acquainted with points that you will be conveying, then again devote the meat of your presentation to get them to flesh it out. Conclude your presentation by telling the audience again about your thoughts.

  1. Rehearsal like crazy.

When you are familiar with what you will be saying hither and thither, you should not be concerned about fumbling the words or misplacing your sequence. In advance, practicing your talk loudly many times also supports revising and omitting awkward words. A no-rambling tactic will be appreciated by your audience.

  1. Remember.

If you have witnessed a presenter looking at note cards, you are familiar that it might not only be disturbing to the audience but also gives the impression that a presenter possibly has a lack of confidence. Don’t learn every word by rote, just check the flow of main thoughts and illustrations you would be used to support them. 

  1. Have eye contact.

You could never influence a person if you are not seeing him in his eyes. Ensure to examine the hall without gazing at a specific person for a long time. So this is one of the must-have presentation skills that every presenter should master.

  1. Use a good concluding story.

It should be relating right to your topic and permits you to repeat your key points. Keep the story to the point while being genuine, so less is more as it approaches to finishing. Basically, your concluding story must be near to your heart whereas briefing your message.

  1. Avoid using bullet points.

They’re tedious. As an alternative, use a persuasive image with writing that’s not lengthier than a tweet.

  1. Use great gestures.

Keeping your arms in close contact with your body makes you appear anxious, it also looks unusual. You are expressing stories, so act similar to it by imposing the space you inhabit in front of the hall.


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