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Research Paper Presentation making with Powerpoint – Research PPT Template

How to make a Research PowerPoint Presentation?

The presentation of research is always difficult as compared to spending months and years to collect data. We have to submit it to the experts who prefer accepting only those reports that are well crafted. While presenting research, you need to care about many things. It makes the presentation of research a lot different than the presentation of any other report. Because in the research paper presentation you have to discuss everything you have done or achieved during research.

Research Paper Presentation Outline

The experts have outlined certain guidelines that should be followed while presenting a research report. These are:

#1 Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of your research presentation because it introduces the topic of your research to the experts. Always focus on the topic you have researched. For example, you will have to discuss disease if the topic of your research is a disease. Usually, the research is aimed at solving some problem and you can discuss that problem in the introduction. Two things to remember for an effective introduction of your research are:

  • Always focus on the point and give relevant information.
  • Try limiting your introduction to only three slides.

#2 Objectives of Research

Telling your audience about the objectives behind your research increases their engagement in that research. Although the results do not meet your expectations, yet telling the audience about these increases your credibility. Use only one slide by making it more concise. It is always good to use top-notch vocabulary and fancy words in this part of the research.

#3 Research Methodology

An effective presentation is always based on a particular methodology. It would be quite right to say that research methodology is the actual recipe and spice of your research. Under research methodology, you will have to mention all those things that are used to conduct research. The use of graphs and flow charts in PowerPoint slides can make your presentation more attractive and engaging. Try to limit this section to only two slides by discussing the special equipment or tools used for research.

#4 Discussion and Results

The effectiveness of your research depends on the discussion and results achieved in the research. Try to present the results in the form of a table. Avoid using too many numeric figures to save the audience from confusion. Showing results in the form of charts always work well. However, highlighting something new achieved in the result is mandatory.

#5 Conclusion

Usually, the conclusion is the interpretation of your results. Therefore, write it in the form of 2-3 points. In many cases, a single statement does the job well. It should, however, be meaningful for the audience.

#6 Recommendations for Future

These prove useful if you want to continue your research on the same topic. Your future objectives match these recommendations.

Research Paper Presentation Tips

If you are preparing for the presentation of a research report, the following tips will prove useful.

  • Obey the 5×5 rule in every slide. It means that each sentence should have five words and each slide should have five lines.
  • Always present data in the form of bullets or small key points. Data presented in the form of a paragraph does not impress the audience. The speaker should explain all the points written in bullet form on the slides.
  • Use 44 font size for heading and 32 for the text on slides.
  • Try linking one slide with the other by telling the audience about what they will see on the next slide.
  • Avoid using the shocking color template on slides. Text color should be in contrast with the template color because the matching color makes it difficult for the audience to read through the slides.
  • Except for the title slide, all other slides should have slide numbers written at the top.
  • Slides should be homogeneous. It means that you should use either upper case text or lower case text on all the slides.
  • Prefer using animations on using transitions.
  • The slide next to the title slide should contain a table of contents to give an overview of the whole presentation to the audience.

Research Paper Presentation Sample

To help you present your research effectively, there are some research paper templates provided. You can download these templates for help.


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