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Turn Boring Topic into an Engaging Presentation with 6 Tips – Get Audience Attention

Turn Flat Presentation into an Engaging Presentation

There are two categories of presentations, either they fall in the good category presentation or they may fall in the bad category decks. It is a rare case that some presentations are kind of just okay or meh. These are the presentations that are initially considered as just okay but later further review makes them include in the bad ones.

What do you think what is the one main reason that makes the presentations just okay? If you guess that they are boring, you should give yourself a treat later this evening.

Why are Boring Presentations really bad?

As you start speaking and the presentation turns out to be boring for the audience then the audience shall lose their concentration. Instead of listening to you, they will start checking their phones. Your audience will react like they are the sea zombies. They will look up at you but they would be completely unreachable to you.

The fact is that boring presentations are really bad and the real reason is that they kill the reputation of the presenter. Only one boring presentation will damage your image. It will cause you to stop receiving calls and you will not be receiving any email for a public speaking event for a presentation. You will never be invited to any company’s event for the presentation again. It will turn out to be very unfortunate for your career and business growth because interesting presentations or public speaking are the ultimate best way to grow your business or career.

Following are the six tips that will help you to make any boring topic into an engaging and interesting presentation:

#1 No topic is boring

Usually presenters say “The topic was boring.” Actually they blame their topics for their own lack of glamour. They argue that some topics are really very boring like sales, marketing, economics, Bid data or quality assurance or any other topic related to the boring topics are not attractive to the audience. They say that if they get an interesting topic, they would have done an amazing job.

Their argument is not valid. But the fact has been explained by an English philosopher G.K Chesterton that there are no boring topics; only the audiences are disinterested.

In other words, you can make any topic interesting if you present it in an interesting way. Here are more of the following 6 tips that will transform your seemingly boring topic into an interesting presentation.

#2 Be passionate about your own topic

If you think your topic is very boring, is it possible that your audience will disagree with you? No, it’s not going to happen. It is quite impossible for the audience to find your topic attractive when you yourself are bored to present it to the audience. You need to get excited about your topic and try to create as many attractive visuals related to the topic in the presentation deck; that will aid in seeking the audience’s attention.

The very first principle of the presentation is to make sure your audience that you are sharing the content with them about which you are very passionate to share. 

There is a concept called Social curiosity Driver that says that when people show interest in something, other people also want to see that thing. This is the reason how street performers form a big crowd. First, two or three people find the street performers interesting and they start to watch them. Then the other people passing by them get curious that what makes people so interested to watch them and they stop there and watch. Before you get your answer, a crowd of more than 100 people has already formed there.

If you really take interest in your own topic, others will be automatically curious to know about your topic and they will listen to you carefully that what you are going to say.

#3 Tell a story

It is human nature that human beings are attracted to stories. In fact, stories are an important part of evolution. Through stories, we can share information and knowledge with others before they have a written word. Your audience will find your presentation wholly natural and will listen to you carefully. They relate their life with a story more than the general facts.

You can tell a story to your audience you may have heard from your friends or co-workers. You can also share a story you have heard or saw on the news. Or you may share your own story with them. It will help you to explain certain points of your presentation or your own messages. The more stories you will add in your presentation, the more attentive will be the audience and they will find your presentation interesting.

#4 Get the audience involved

If you will involve your audience in your presentation, there is a lesser chance of getting them bored. Try to inspire your listeners. Engage them calling on the stage and ask them for some demonstration. You can ask them questions and the audience will voluntarily participate by showing hands. The more you will interact with your audience, the more engaged and energetic they will be.

#5 Do not talk about data

Do not mention your audience about your data. But it does not mean that data and statistics are not important. They are but do not talk about these at the beginning of the presentation. Just type your data and put it on the background slide so that your audience will look it up at their leisure. And it is a fact that the audience will not want you to tell them what they have read themselves. In some cases, you can turn data into graphical figures and then explain it that will not let you drive your audience on a boring journey.

#6 Don’t be robotic

It is so boring for the audience if you read your presentation. Do not talk about boring stuff. Also do not try to memorize your whole presentation, even if you are not technically reading the slides but still it will make you like a robot.

No matter whatever is your topic, do not go for a script. Do not read your content and do not memorize your data. Just you need to remember the points you want to cover in your presentation. Practice your presentation at home before speaking to the public. And then try to be natural as much as you can in front of your audience.  It will not look like a professional presentation but more like an interesting conversation, you are having with the audience.

Thus, it is true that there is no boring topic but there are disinterested audiences.  To engage and involve your audiences, be passionate about your own topic, share stories with your audience, get the audience involved, and do not read your slides.

By following all the above-mentioned tips you can make any topic interesting and engaging.


I am a presentation design artist and had pleasure to work with DHL, PPH, Freelancer and Upwork for almost a decade.

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